Scientific Programme

Tentative Programme, slight changes possible! Note to all speakers: Check carefully your allocated time!

  • 60 minute time slot will STRICTLY correspond to 45 mins + 15 mins discussion
  • 45 minute time slot will STRICTLY correspond to 35 mins + 10 mins discussion
  • 30 minute time slot will STRICTLY correspond to 20 mins + 10 mins discussion

Required equipment for field: backpack, water, some food, solid hiking boots (no tennis shoes), protection against sun/wind/cold/rain.

PDF version of the Programme 1st VERTIGO summer school.pdf (59.3 KB) :


List of posters presented at the bottom of the page.

Sunday, March 8th
Arrival of participants, registration
19:30 Ice-breaker
20:30 Dinner
Monday, March 9th
08:30 Field day I: Overview Tenerife, Caldera, (un)welded ignimbrites, fall deposits, Teide climb (cable car, from 3555 to 3719 m walking!)
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Ana Judith Vidal Gonzalez: Volcanic Risk Management in Canary Islands (6.4 MB)
Tuesday, March 10th
08:30 Field day II: PDC deposits, longitudinal and lateral variations. Where do things not change?
18:30 - 19:30 Rory Clarkson: Volcanic Ash and Gas Turbine Aero Engines (3.2 MB)
19:30 Dinner
21:00 VERTIGO ESRs and guests: Short poster presentations (posters will remain on display all week)
Stefano Alois: Experimental study of particle electrification and aggregation using a unique environmental wind tunnel (2.4 MB)
Robert Askew: Magma mixing and mingling in Iceland: A case study of the Streitishvarf composite dyke (3.6 MB)
Valeria Cigala: Shock-tube experiments to investigate volcanic jet dynamics (5.2 MB)
Pablo Forte: Experiments, field work and preliminary results of the first months as an ESR in VERTIGO (886.1 KB)
Helen Gall: Origin of Mafic Lavas at Hasandag Stratovolcano, Central Anatolian Volcanic Zone (666.5 KB)
Catherine Gallagher: Quantifying the atmospheric sulphur burden of flood basalt eruptions. A case study Nornahraun, North Iceland, 2014-2015.
Diana Jimenez: Long-term volcanic hazard assessment for San Miguel volcano, El Salvador (720.0 KB)
Kathrin Laeger: High-resolution geochemical mapping of volcanic ash: Constraining the effect of syn-eruptive magma mixing on eruptive style and ash distribution (5.9 MB)
Kendra Lynn: Parental magma variations at Kilauea volcano: Reassessing the role of Ni in basaltic systems (460.7 KB)
Jared Marske: Source to Surface: The Volatile Life Of Hawaiian Tephra (1.4 MB)
Silvia Massaro: On the formation of lithic component in tephra (1.1 MB)
Sebastian Mueller: Ash aggregation in the lab - can we mimic natural processes? (11.7 MB)
Joali Paredes: Numerical modelling and fractal analysis of magma fragmentation based on grain-size distribution of natural pyroclasic deposits. (1.4 MB)
Mathieu Poret: Modelling aggregation of ash particles in volcanic plumes and the effect on ash cloud dispersion (2.6 MB)
Antonio Spanu: Deriving particle size distributions with the CAS-DPOL instrument: assessing uncertainities introduced by air flow effects (4.7 MB)
Inga Tarasenko: Tephra-organic matter interaction: bioweathering and mineralization (643.6 KB)
Ines Tomasek: Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the respiratory toxicity of volcanic ash in vitro (828.9 KB)
Pierre-Yves Tournigand: Field-based study of volcanic ash via visible and thermal high-speed imaging of explosive eruptions (8.1 MB)
Andreas Vogel: Modelling aeroengine fan-particle interactions during volcanic ash ingestion (767.9 KB)
Ka Lok Chan: Better interpretation and prediction of volcanic ash mass concentration in the atmosphere (617.7 KB)
Wednesday, March 11th
08:30 Richard Brown: Using deposits to infer spatial-temporal behaviour of pyroclastic density currents on Tenerife (10.7 MB)
09:30 Michael Branney : Welding and rheomorphism in pyroclastic deposits (2.4 MB)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Jon Merrison: Wind-driven transport of ash: analogies to Aeolian transport (3.0 MB)
11:30 Bernadett Weinzierl: Desert sand and volcanic ash: Impact on measurement strategies (5.3 MB)
12:00 Hannes Mattson: Textural characteristics of volcanic ash produced in CO2-rich, silica-undersaturated eruptions (18.5 MB)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Ulrich Kueppers, Richard Brown: Exercise on isopach data (teaching students how to take data, what to pay attention to and how to plot it)
17:00 Coffee break
17:30 Supervisory Board Meeting
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Meet and greet: meeting of ESRs with Coordinator and Administrator
Thursday, March 12th
08:30 Rory Clarkson: Volcanic ash and turbines: Which tests are legally required? (3.1 MB)
09:00 Stefan Amtsbuechler: Impact of volcanic ash on aviation (1.1 MB)
09:30 Oliver Hochrein: Properties of glasses with special focus to aluminosilicate glasses (2.0 MB)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Kai Dueffels: Describing solid particles: size and shape analysis (7.3 MB)
11:30 Marie-Helene Vidal-Setif: CMAS degradation of EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings: from characterization of ex service turbine blades to development of CMAS resistant ceramic compositions (3.0 MB)
12:15 Spyros Diplas: Interaction of ash particles with hot surfaces (2.4 MB)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Adam Durant: Gas and aerosol emissions from a persistent mud volcano in Java, Indonesia (51.3 MB)
15:30 Antonio Costa: Modelling the distribution of fall deposits: How to constrain ambient conditions (9.0 MB)
16:15 Jacopo Taddeucci: Fine analysis of fines: a closer look at volcanic ash particles (38.5 MB)
17:00 Coffee break
17:30 Bernadett Weinzierl: Good practice of presentations (3.2 MB)
18:30 Valeria Cigala, Sebastian Mueller: Lessons learned from a 2-days course on scientific talks (941.5 KB)
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Poster evaluation
Friday, March 13th
08:30 Field day III: Dry eruptions at the coast and wet eruptions far from the coast. Related deposits and ash aggregation
15:00 Wrap-up, final discussion, outlook
15:30 Walk to local Bodega (2,5 hrs), wine tasting
20:30 Summer school’s final dinner (at hotel)
Saturday, March 14th
Departure of participants